Having a dedicated, licensed tax professional that you can trust is vital, for both personal and business tax returns! However, there are many other ways which we can add real bottom line results for your personal and business finances, as we offer much more than just tax advice! Here are a couple of the many ways that we can help improve long term financial health for both you, and your business:

Personal Income Tax Preparation, Business Tax Services & Incorporations.

Based in Orillia, Ontario, Cheryl Hill Financial has decades of experience in helping our customers grow their businesses, and increase their personal financial wealth and security. Anyone who has owns or runs a small business knows just how difficult it can be to manage the all the tax, financial, and record keeping requirements, while still staying focused on actually running the day-to-day business! Our tax preparation, small business bookkeeping, accounting services, and professional business advice is available year-round for all of our clients, unlike all those tax preparation companies that ‘pop up’, and then just as quickly close, each year at tax time!

We believe that significant financial success requires ongoing and knowledgeable attention to your specific tax situation, and your unique financial goals. This is something you are not going to get from a seasonal tax company, or simple bookkeeping service, at any price! Then, when that time of year comes, our professional tax return preparation services will help take the stress out of “tax time”, for both your personal, and your business taxes.

Professional business and tax consulting can be another great way to help your business to take that next big step. Most companies will see immediate and long-term ongoing benefits from getting professional help with their financial planning. We can also re-examine your tax records in detail from previous years to identify, and often recover, missed opportunities for tax savings.

For the small business owners who just need a little extra bookkeeping help, we can happily provide that too, at very affordable rates.

We truly believe in delivering exceptional, personalized service to all of our clients. Let us help guide you to greater financial success, and peace of mind.

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