Orillia Tax Preparation Services

Tired of ‘tax stores’ that pop up at tax time, then quickly close, leaving you without support or advice? Our year-round tax team has the ‘big picture’ in mind, helping you to avoid surprises and to take maximum advantage of every tax saving opportunity.

Personal and Business Tax Services.

Our personal tax services are especially beneficial if you are partially or fully self-employed, a rental property owner, and also for the ‘slightly more complicated’ personal tax returns that a lot people face each year. We have a reputation for finding tax savings that the ‘big tax companies’ miss, and we approach each customer, and each tax return, as unique and important, not just a programmed series of yes/no questions to answer on a computer screen. We dig deeper, to save your money!

Our corporate tax team has the experience and training to address the needs of any small to medium business or non-profit. Whether it be annual corporate tax filings, periodic reporting, tax credits and remittances, or special document preparations for audits, we can help. Ensure that you satisfy all your legal requirements, and protect your business and yourself by hiring the dedicated business tax team at Cheryl Hill Financial!

Ongoing strategic planning both before and after your tax return is filed!

Every year in Canada, variations in tax law and financial regulations can either financially benefit, or hurt, many individuals and business. Also, business and personal finances are usually changing or evolving as well. The simple fact is, most things tax related rarely stay exactly the same, for very long.

By actively managing your ongoing tax strategies, we can help you take full advantage of all that change, to take the maximum tax benefits, at every available opportunity.

Tax Preparation Services Available:

Our tax services can save you significant time and money. Simply collect all of your income statements and financial documents together and allow our financial experts do the rest. We offer the following tax services in Orillia, and surrounding areas. In many cases, we can come to you!

  • Business tax returns
  • Personal tax returns
  • Tax planning
  • Tax preparation
  • Trusts & estates.

You take out all the guess work when you hire our tax preparation professionals. We take the uncertainty out of your tax preparation. We often find the errors and deductions that many individuals and businesses are missing!

Remember, if you have a trust or estate, you may need to file special documents. Our expert team will make sure that all of your required tax forms are correctly filled out, and properly submitted. Enjoy life more, and work a bit less, let us handle all the tedious paperwork! Outsourcing your taxes to our Orillia tax professionals just makes sense!