Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Accountants & Auditors?

Accountants are more worried with the daily tasks of an individuals financial assets. For example, processing financial information, processing bills for an individual or company, reviewing expenditures, etc. The position of an auditor is more concerned with oversight and making sure that a person or company’s financial strategies are successful.

What do Accountants do?

The main role of an accountant is to make certain that financial records are prepared properly and reflect accurate information. Some examples of typical duties include readying tax returns, ensuring financial statements are in accordance with state and federal law, and meeting with individual clients to offer financial advice.

What are the different types of Accountants?

There are many different specialties that an accountant can have. Some of the most popular types of accountants are auditors, forensic accountants (those that deal with white-collar crimes), tax accountants, controllers, bookkeppers & CPAs

What does a CPA firm do?

In public accounting, a CPA firm serves many clients as they can in an advisory position. They can work with both large and small corporate entities. It is the goal of a CPA firm to make sure that their client’s financial interested are protected, accurate, and grow.